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Brief description of SGTPIPE / SGTFLOW application suite

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Написал Dmitry Prytkov   

SGTPIPE / SGTFLOW application suite is designed for pipeline network analysis and optimization at oil producing companies. Pipeline networks include:

  • Oil gathering system
  • Reservoir pressure maintenance system
  • Single high and low pressure water pipelines, oil pipelines and gas pipelines (with some restrictions).

The application suite meets the following challenges:

  • Quick hydraulic calculation of pipeline networks, current status analysis, ”bottle neck” detection and simulation of measures to remove it.
  • Pipeline network optimization within remedial and reconstruction scheduling.
  • Economic evaluation of corrosion inhibitor protection effectiveness.
  • Calculation of chemical agents’ distribution and optimization of their use in pipeline networks.

The application suite consists of 2 parts:

  1. Graphical database SGTPIPE used as a graphical user interface in Microsoft Visio 2002 Pro.
  2. Calculation module SGTFLOW, simulating oil-water-gas mixtures and chemical agents flow in relief pipeline networks. Operated with Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher or as a stand-alone module for Linux.
SGTPIPE Graphical database and SGTFLOW calculation module work either locally on one computer or remotely interacting through Internet/Intranet.


Graphical database for multipurpose pipeline networks.


Designing technological diagrams of various Pipeline networks such as oil gathering system, water pipeline in reservoir pressure maintenance system, crude oil pipeline, gas pipeline, etc... Entering, processing and visualizing technical attributes and technological parameters of operated objects.

SGTPIPE features

  • Graphical design, storage and visualization of pipeline technological diagrams.
  • Input, storage and visualization of technical attributes and technological parameters of pipeline network elements (Sources, sinks, pipeline segments, pipeline tie-in points...), including hydraulic calculation results.
  • Classification and search for used objects by their attributes (by means of Microsoft Visio).
  • Entry completeness and correctness check.
  • Interaction with hydraulic calculation module of an oil-water-gas flow in complex pipeline networks (SGTFLOW).
  • Visual analysis of calculation results.
  • Running various reports in Microsoft Excel, such as :

- Main pipeline list

- Hydraulic parameters of pipelines operation

- Remainders of oil, water and free gas in pipelines

- Corrosion velocity and pipeline hydraulic modules.

- Oil, water and gas production

SGTPIPE advantages

  • Microsoft Visio as a graphical editor comprises a huge amount of features, development and support from Microsoft, storage and schematic representation of any vector and raster object. It allows creation, verification and simulation of a small pipeline network diagram within an hour with later modifications and quick model calculations.
  • Data storage in Microsoft Visio. All graphical and attributive data including calculation results is stored in one Microsoft Visio file and therefore can be transmitted, archived, copied, etc. independent of Visio and SGTPIPE.
  • Quick training to operate with SGTPIPE. Presentations, diagram examples. Implementation and further support.
  • Possible adaptation to each client (new data, reports, interface modification…).


Complex pipeline network simulation.


Calculation and optimization of oil-water-gas and chemical agents flow in relief pipeline networks

SGTFLOW features

  • Input data examination on the model suitability
  • Calculation of multiphase flow and chemical agents’ distribution in complex relief pipeline networks with loops.
  • Calculation of oil physical properties in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of single oil degassing in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of natural gas physical properties in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of oil-water mixture structure and physical properties in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of actual estimated gas content and multiphase flow structure according to a pipeline relief in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of hydrostatic and friction pressure losses in operating conditions.
  • Calculation of pressure pulsation for plug multiphase flow.
  • Calculation of pipeline corrosion velocity
  • Calculation of chemical agents’ concentration and effectiveness.
  • Calculation of energy losses on the mixture transportation.
  • Calculation of optimal pipeline diameter.
  • Calculation of pipeline category

SGTFLOW advantages

  • Design procedures are based on VNIIGAS and NizhnevartovskNIPIneft developments, leaded by N. Elin, and further completed at Research institute «SibGeoTech». Described methods has been implemented within 15 years in Nizhnevartovsk oilfields
  • Possibility of oil, water and gas pipeline simulations.
  • Unlimited complexity of simulated pipeline network structure.
  • Unlimited amount of sources and sinks within one network.
  • Possibility to set hydraulic calculation direction (with stream or against stream).
  • Possibility to set nodal elements altitude and pipeline segment relief.
  • Possibility to work as a stand-alone application server with users authorization and calculations account.
Currently SGTPIPE / SGTFLOW application suite has obtained the recognition and is being successfully used by JV “Vanyoganneft”, Joint Stock Company “Nigrus”, Research institute “SibGeoTech”, R&D center “Neftegas-1”, Research and innovation center “Techneft”, Research company ”NefteGasTechnology” and Khanty-Mansiysk regional branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dmitry Prytkov, e-mail: pdv (at) sgt.ru

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