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Isolation of water entry over ESP (electrical submersible pump) using packer installations

Написал Ilya Leonov   

Written by Ilya Leonov

December 22, 2008

Patents of the Russian Federation №№ 2211311, 2300668, 2290489, 2295625, 23317582385409 

One of the ways to decrease water content inproduction (as well as the oil production costs) is the isolation of waterinflow above ESP suction from:

-broken seal in capital string

- watered (depleted, preserved) layer, locatedabove ESP and production facilities.

ESP productivity is limited by the diameter ofthe capital string. The method described allows to create additional draw downpressure and, as a consequence, increase oil production. 


Isolation of leaking production casing;

Isolation of watered (depleted) layer locatedabove ESP;

are part of ОРРНЭО Technology (single commingle development ofseveral production zones), which was developed by scientific research institute"SibGeoTech" (Patent of the Russian Federation № 2211311).

Both technologies are offered in the invention(Patent of the Russian Federation № 2300668) where the pump plant contains apacker, placed above the pump.

This packer is executed with cable inlet inaccordance to the inventions (Patents of the Russian Federation №2290489 and2295625). The packer includes a mandrel with the external gallery for input orplacing and glanding of a power cable.

The implementation of this technology when thebottomhole pressure is below bubble point pressure creates a difficultywithdrawing free gas from below packer to prevent ESP starvation.

The solution of this problem was offered in thepatent of the Russian Federation № 2331758 by using several variants of systemsoverflow (withdrawal) of free gas.

The offered technology for isolation of leakingproduction casing using the packer is effectively implemented at 50 wells,operated with ESP on Western Siberia oilfields.

The technology use has allowed not only tolower water content in production, but also to increase oil production.

At the present time there are only twocompanies that have a license for lawful implementation of the describedtechnology: «Neftegastechnica» and «Geonik».


There are several service companies which offerthe technology without the license contract with the patent holder. Thesecompanies are breaking the patent law of the Russian Federation.

Central Development Commission (minutes ofmeeting # 3367 from 04.28.2005) recommends the licensed technology for:

- subsoil users for wide use when developingoil, gas and oil-gas condensate fields;

- design organizations for obligatoryconsideration during reservoir engineering.



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