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   SPE 104338.

     It is common to bundle operational objects by reperforation of additional reservoirs on existing wells in order to reduce capital investments, expenditures and development term of multizone reservoirs. However, as a rule, it is not possible to reach the sum of potential opportunities for each of the operational objects, and the total debit value is much less (around 20-40% less).

 In order to provide differentiated influence on various operational objects according to their geological structure and development condition, it is necessary to use single-commingle technology for several development objects. Introduction of the technology will allow increasing coefficient of oil recovery, oil production, period of depletion, equipment activity factor, and equipment working lifespan and dependability.

     The technology includes:
- the method;
- equipment;
- guides for every well category;
- equipment support;
- accounting and software.

     Besides that, the technology allows to conduct joint development of oil fringe and gas cap, warn formation of gas and water cones, and control selection from different sites in lateral and multilateral wells.

     Majority of wells do not execute their purpose entirely, and even though operating a lot of them is not profitable because of high water content or free gas coning, to reach the projected values, the wells should continue operation on greatest possible modes. The organization of the forced selection is possible when gaslift is used: it allows intensifying oil production. However, in order to increase well profitability with simultaneous use of an energy potential, including minimization of complicating conditions influence, it is expedient to connect to it less productive, but also less water content intervals.

     Central Development Commission (minutes of meeting # 3367 from 04.28.2005) recommends the licensed technology for:
- subsoil users for wide use when developing oil, gas and oil-gas condensate fields;
- design organizations for obligatory consideration during reservoir engineering.

     The minutes

Urgency of technology creation and reliable technologically and economically effective domestic equipment for single-commingle development of several reservoirs.

Significant importance of works on creation and introduction of the licensed technology developed by the scientific research institute and the equipment for its realization.

Increasing volumes of the technology use by " Rosneft " and "Sibneft” oil companies.

High engineering and technical level of support and service of companies “ New oil technologies” and “Neftgastechnika”, that have the license for the technology.

Necessity of the technology development and use of domestic technologies and equipment for single-commingle development of several operational objects for the wells, that are operated using pumping stations.

Necessity of considering using the technology of single-commingle injection and production during reservoir engineering.


  1. To approve works on creation and industrial introduction of technologies and equipment for single-commingle development of several operational objects on the technology (single-commingle injection, alternating injection, single-commingle production, alternating production), developed by scientific research institute and successfully introduced for “New Oil Technologies” and “Neftegastechnika” oil companies".
  2. To recommend the technology and equipment to subsoil users when developing oil, gas and oil-gas condensate fields.
  3. To consider the technology in obligatory manner when during reservoir engineering.
  4. To recommend to “SibGeoTech”, “NefteGasTechnika” and “New Oil Technologies” oil companies consider using singe-commingle development of several operation objects for pumping wells.



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